Safety Instructions

Keep your home safe with these safety tips


Candle Safety instructions: 


  • Never leave candles unattended.
  • Always keep candles in containers specifically designed for candle burning and only burn candles on heat resistant surfaces.
  • Do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time.
  • Always protect your candle from debris.
  • Burn candles away from drafts.
  • Trim wicks down to 5mm before lighting.
  • Since heat rises, never place lit candles under items that could easily go up in flames such as lampshades, plants, or curtains.
  • Distinguish candles after they have been burning for an hour straight, thus giving the hot liquid wax a chance to cool.
  • Refrigerate candles before using, as they will burn more slowly and evenly. Wrap in foil or plastic before refrigeration to prevent wicks from absorbing moisture.
  • Extinguish candles when they get within 2 inches of their holders or decorations.
  • When extinguishing a candle, use a candle extinguisher.
  • Don't place candles at arms reach of children or pets, who can easily knock over a candle.


Please note:


In order to retain the natural aspect of our candles; no additives are used other than colour & scent. Exposure to sunlight may cause some fading, please avoid where possible to help prevent colour fading.


Oil Burner / Wax Melt Warmer Safety instructions:


  • Remove the safety sheet before burning tealights in the holder.
  • Only use Fragrance Burner Oils, Wax Melts/Tarts or Granules with this item.
  • Trim tealight wicks down to 5mm before lighting.
  • Use Foil cup unscented tealights ONLY.
  • NEVER use Polycarbonate (Plastic) cup Scented tealights.
  • The burner's receptacle should always be at least half full of melts/tarts.
  • Use only Small/Standard Size tealights, not large tealights, votives or other candles for your burner.
  • Before each use ensure unit is dry, clean, and free of deposits
  • Do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time.
  • Never allow the burner to burn dry.
  • Never leave tealights or burners unattended.
  • Use only on a heat resistant surface.
  • Do not use if chipped or cracked.
  • Keep away from flammable items, draughts, children & animals.
  • Extinguish tealight flame by gently blowing it out or using a snuffer.
  • This product may become hot while in use, do not touch or move until cool.
  • To clean wax from burner, slightly warm wax then gently apply pressure to wax with palm of hand.
  • Do not use metal objects to clean wax from burner as this may crack or damage the unit.
  • Do not place dish or burner in freezer as this may crack or damage the unit.